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Hurrican H

REMS Hurrican H

The Hurrican H is a Hand Pipe Extruding Tool similar to a T-Drill but sold without the drill. If you own a drill with a reverse and a clutch you can use your own drill with this great new tool for only a fraction of the price of a T- Drill or you can use a socket wrench. We do have printed flyers to send by snail mail. Scroll to the bottom of this page to place an order for this time and money saving tool. This item is now in stock so we can ship it today!

REMS Hurrican H $733.00

Economic manual tool for efficiently making T-branches for pipe installations without fittings. Simple, inexpensive storage. Savings in soldering joints, pressing joints and working hours. Can be used anywhere, free-hand, on pipes already installed. Drill head for exact drilling start without centre punching, drilling depth stop according to size of the T-outlet.

    Hurrican Electric Demo

    Set depth stop marking of drill bit to match desired tool size, attach and drill pilot hole.
    Insert the extrusion tool of the corresponding tee outlet size into the pilot hole.
    Place tool holder over top of extrusion tool, attach an 11mm hexagon socket.
    Turn socket counter clockwise with your wrench or drill to form T-outlet.
    Use included dimpling tool to form dimple stop point on tube to be inserted in outlet.


Description Price
Hurrican Electric $1069.00
Ratchet 1/2" $96.00
Hexagon Socket 11mm $29.00
Grip Wrench $132.00

REMS Hurrican H
REMS Hurrican H Accessories