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REMS Eskimo Pipe Freezer

The Eskimo is one fourth the cost of electric freezers and provides fast and easy freezing of pipes which are not drained. The REMS Eskimo automatically controls the refrigerant outlet ensuring a high freezing capacity at the repair point and an economic consumption rate compared to the larger freeze jackets that consume more CO2. CO2 is a low cost refrigerant, less than $1.00 a pound in North America, is CFC-free and ozone-friendly. High freezing capacity to -110°F (-79°C). Non toxic. Non Flammable. Easy to obtain, easy to use. Liquid CO2 forms common "Dry Ice" inside the freeze collars around the outside of the pipe. A close contact between freeze collars and pipe allow a direct flow of the liquid CO2 onto the pipe allowing for rapid freezing.

A Bottle Tee distributor fits any CO2 Tank worldwide with a standard 320 CGA fitting. The Eskimo® can be used even in the tightest spots thanks to the slim design of the freeze collars. Freezing is possible on one or two sides. With additional small-T distributors and hoses with injectors and other freeze collars, the kit can also be connected for a three or four way freeze. The Small-T screws onto the Bottle Tee.

REMS Eskimo #130002R $590.00

The Eskimo comes in a custom molded carrying case ergonomically designed from rugged plastic with molded inserts for all parts in the kit weighing only 10 lbs. Quick and easy connections, without any special tools. The correct amount of liquid CO2 refrigerant is always provided automatically. Simply push and twist back and forth into the collars for a fast and secure connection from the hoses to the freeze collars after positioning the freeze collars on the pipe. Be carefun not to over tighten the collar on the pipe!

Freeze Collars:
Small collars, the largest is only 2" wide but forms ice plugs inside the pipe that grow 6" to 8" long. Strong fracture resistant freeze collars in cold-resistant thermoplastic elastomer. Highly flexible, at extremely low temperatures. Also works on hot water pipes up to 140°F. Clamping screws and nuts are molded into collar so there is nothing to loose. No tools just finger tighten.

High Pressure Hoses:
Flexible, buckling-resistant and fracture resistant high pressure hoses. 8' long for wide work radius. Extendible any time by purchasing additional hose lengths available in 8' sections requires hose connectors

Includes two collars for each size copper, steel or iron pipe from 1/8" to 2", two high pressure 8 Feet hoses with rugged plastic grips and brass injector tips.

REMS Eskimo