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Welcome to M&S Valves and Fittings!

We are incorporated as Flanges and Fittings Inc. but have always done business as M&S Valves & Fittings since the day we incorporated 30 years ago in November of 1983. We are a Master Distributor of Plumbing Specialty Items including pipe freezing and isolation equipment. A master distributor is a company that stocks and has an in-depth knowledge to support a niche line of items for resale using a two step distribution of wholesale dealers selling to contractors in North America. We stock and advertise products others don't or won't for various reasons.

We are long standing members of the American Supply Association known as the ASA. We are charter members of it's regional affiliation, the CMDA (Chicago Metropolitan Distribution Association). We hope you find our new web catalog informative. Our customers enjoy same business day shipping on all phone orders, next business day shipping for E-mail orders, placed by 4:00pm CST Monday-Friday! We stock what we sell. We also stock quality cast steel flanged fittings and pigtail siphons.